Who We Are

About Us

Wyoming Immigrant Advocacy Project is the first and only comprehensive legal aid program for immigrants in Wyoming.

We support individuals and families who live or work in the Teton region and face financial barriers due to the high cost of immigration assistance. It is our goal to ensure immigrants know their rights and are treated fairly and humanely by the legal system. We provide accessible legal advice and representation, serve as a community resource for accurate immigration information, and advocate for the immigrant community. 


Wyoming Immigrant Advocacy Project promotes and defends the rights of all immigrants through free and low-cost legal services, public education, and systemic advocacy.



WIAP envisions a community where all immigrants have access to legal counsel that is both reliable and financially feasible, and where every community member feels empowered to know and use the immigration laws to make informed decisions that keep families, neighborhoods, and our economy intact.

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We advocate for the fundamental right of all immigrants to access the legal system and pursue all available immigration benefits in the United States, promote laws and policies that protect immigrant communities, and ensure community decision-making considers immigrant needs.


We recognize our privilege and obligation to explore and implement policies, practices, attitudes, and actions that produce more equitable power, opportunities, and outcomes for marginalized people, both inside our organization and in our work with clients and partners.


We honor multiple perspectives and make decisions in collaboration with the communities most impacted.


We work to ensure all people have access to meaningful due process and sound legal advice, regardless of income level or birthplace.