Expanding Access to Legal Services for Immigrants in Wyoming

Our Mission

WIAP promotes and defends the rights of all immigrants through free and low-cost legal services, public education, and systemic advocacy.
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Less than forty percent of Wyoming residents with pending cases in immigration court have an attorney – one of the lowest representation rates in the country.

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Only one out of every four Jackson, Wyoming, residents with immigration cases are able to find and pay for an immigration attorney.

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Non-detained immigrants are five times more likely to win their cases with a lawyer than without.

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More than seventy percent of immigrant children in immigration court who have attorneys win their cases. Only thirteen percent of kids without attorneys are allowed to stay in the U.S.

Our Vision

WIAP envisions a community where all immigrants have access to legal counsel that is both reliable and financially feasible, and where every community member feels empowered to know and use the immigration laws to make informed decisions that keep families, neighborhoods, and our economy intact.

Our Work

WIAP provides accessible legal assistance to clients in need, offers immigration training to volunteer attorneys, serves as a public resource for reliable immigration information, and advocates for a community where immigrants feel welcome.

Legal Services

News & Updates

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Organization News

Old Bill’s Fun Run 2023

Thanks to everyone who supported us through the 26th annual Old Bill’s Fun Run! We look forward to sharing information about the 2024 Old Bill’s Fun Run as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, we are continuing to work toward our initial fundraising goals in order to begin operations

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Organization News

WIAP Featured on KHOL

Sitting on their family couch in Teton Valley, Cristy Liaw Gabel talked to her 4-year-old son, speaking in Indonesian.

Liaw Gabel’s story sounds like that of many who’ve moved to the Tetons.

“Originally I thought, I’m only going to live here for a year,” Liaw Gabel said. “Sixteen years

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Client Testimonials

E. L.Canada
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From our first phone call, I knew I was in the hands of an expert who genuinely cared about my immigration journey. Rosie is all the things you'd expect from an incredibly competent attorney--deeply knowledgeable, attentive to the details, quick, responsive, really good at explaining legal processes in ways I could easily understand, and up-to-date with immigration trends and timelines in the US. Today I am living my dreams as a US citizen, largely thanks to Rosie.
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Living in this country with the fear of what may happen to me was so stressful. I worried constantly about being deported, separated from my children, returned to the life of violence and poverty that I left when I came to the USA.  Every day I carried that fear. I eventually decided to find somewhere to turn for help. I never could have imagined I’d be able to find such a smart, excellent attorney. Rosie knew how to explain the complex legal processes of the USA to me in a way that I could understand them easily. Today, I am a Permanent Resident and I can live my life in peace and full of hope.
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I went though domestic abuse and sexual assault, and Rosie helped me to overcome the struggles and hardships I’ve gone through in life. She wanted the best for me and is someone who will fight for her client. I am now able to walk free without any fear of my past experiences thanks to her.
WIAP is proud to be a fiscally sponsored program of Legacy Philanthropy Works.
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